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The Well Visit Planner

The Well Visit Planner is an online tool to help families prepare for their children’s upcoming well-child visits to the health care provider. It’s free to use; is available in English and Spanish; takes 10-15 minutes to fill out before each visit; and can be printed and taken to a visit to help your and your child’s doctor discuss your child. It helps families be better partners in their child’s health care, and helps health care providers better serve the needs of the child and the family. To use the Well Visit Planner, go to: www.WellVisitPlanner.org.

Please help spread the word about this useful tool to families, including families of children with special needs.  Feel free to use the following resources, many now available in Spanish, in your newsletters, websites, Facebook pages, and any other outlet to reach families about this practical, informative tool.


Please print these and disseminate or share electronically.

Family Voices Bright Futures
Family Matters Newsletter
filler.png Well Visit Planner Flyer filler.png Frequently Asked Questions for Families filler.png Frequently Asked Questions for Providers
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This newsletter issue, The Well Visit Planner: Making the Most of Your Child’s Health Care Checkups, provides information about the benefits of this tool and how to use it.

English     Spanish


A 1-pager, Do you know how to make your child’s well-care visits work for you and your provider?, which can be posted in clinics or at health fairs.

English  Spanish


More information about how the Well Visit Planner works.

English  Spanish



This resource can be used to introduce the Planner to health care providers to engage them in its use.

English  Spanish


Sample Articles

Please feel free to adapt these MS Word files and include in your newsletters or websites.


Please share these widely via Facebook or your websites.

  • The Well Visit Planner, Part I—Making the most of your child’s health care checkups –This 4 ½ minute video from Family Voices provides and overview of the Planner for families, including information about why well-child visits are important, basic steps in using the Planner, and how to adapt the Planner for children with special health care needs.     English     Spanish
  • The Well Visit Planner, Part II—Using the Well Visit Planner: A Step-by-Step Guide—This 6 ½ minute video from Family Voices provides a walk-through of the Planner for families, showing actual pages and describing the kind of information the Planner asks for to create the Visit Guide.     English     Spanish
  • Overview of the Well Visit Planner for Community Organizations: This 6 minute video from the Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (CAHMI) describes the use of the Planner. It was created for use by Head Start Centers and other community organizations wishing to encourage parents to use the Planner.
  • The Well Visit Planner: A Tool to Help Families Partner in their Child’s Care [recording, PowerPoint] This webinar provides an introduction to the Well Visit Planner, and overview of its use, and a description of tools and resources available about the Planner.

Powerpoint Presentation

A powerpoint  - What is the well visit planner?


Please feel free to adapt this powerpoint and use in your workshops or other training events.

Social Media Content

  • Sample Twitter Messages: Tweet the messages below to your followers or re-tweet messages from Family Voices
    • Every child needs well child health care visits. Plan your child’s next visit with the Well Visit Planner: www.wellvisitplanner.org

    • Help drive discussions at your child’s next well visit with the health care provider using the Well Visit Planner: www.wellvisitplanner.org

    • Learn about the Well Visit Planner and how it can help you plan your child’s well visits with health care providers here:  http://bit.ly/1QXjIpz

    • CSHCN need well child health care visits to talk about health promotion and injury prevention. www.WellVisitPlanner.org

    • Well Child Visits are integral to your child’s Medical Home and primary care provider. Learn more at www.WellVisitPlanner.org

    • Learn age-specific health promotion information and plan your child’s next well child health care visit at www.WellVisitPlanner.org

    • AAP recommends 13 well child checkups the first 3 years of life. Help plan what you discuss at those visits! www.WellVisitPlanner.org

  • Facebook Post: The Well Visit Planner
  • Facebook Post: The Well Child Visit

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