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ADOLESCENCE: Family Support and Community Relationships

SECTIONS: Talk with and Listen to your Teen ~ Build Healthy Relationships ~ Become Involved in the Community


teenage girl doing paperword with her grandfatherTalk with and Listen to your Teen

  • Try to talk with your teen every day. Sometimes it's easier to talk while doing other activities, such as eating meals, driving together, etc.
  • Show an interest in your teen's life without being nosy. Ask about friends, school, work, and other interests. Be a good listener. Praise your teen's successes. Try not to give advice about problems unless asked.
  • Discuss family responsibilities, expectations, and how they change with age.
  • Model the positive behaviors you want your youth to have.


Build Healthy Relationships

  • Talk with your teen about relationships, dating, sex, marriage, parenting, and family as issues arise. You might use a TV show, news article, or other current event to start a conversation. Don't judge, but do be honest about your views.
  • Talk about what it means to be a "good friend." Get to know your teen's friends.
  • Talk about bullying and dating violence.


Become Involved in the Community

  • Encourage your teen to get involved in your community by volunteering, serving on a committee, or doing another activity to contribute to community well-being.
  • Support safe activities at school, with community and faith organizations, and with volunteer groups to encourage personal and social development.
  • Join with other parents in your community to keep all teens safe and active.