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Bright Futures for Families is an approach to health care that is based on preventing illness by promoting healthy eating, physical activity, supportive community, oral health, emotional wellness and positive mental health, and many other aspects of positive health.  The Bright Futures approach to pediatric care is used by the American Academy of Pediatrics with their doctors, and Family Voices IMPACT project has taken the materials and developed them into family-friendly information that is appealing to culturally diverse families. 

IMPACT has been funded by a MCHB cooperative agreement to work with Family-to-Family Health Information Centers in six states, to promote Bright Futures for Families health and wellness information and activities.

We are always seeking input from families to make our information useful to the families you know – and to you!  Contact us with your ideas. 

Family Voices Project IMPACT Health & Wellness Reports:

As part of the IMPACT Project, families were asked about their knowledge of health and wellness, strategies for implementing health and wellness recommendations, and barriers to health and wellness for their families through a series of family-lead focus groups and an online survey.