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Measuring What Matters to Build a Culture of Health

Posted by  admin  Nov 6, 2015

A Culture of Health is an America where everyone—regardless of ethnic, racial, geographic or socioeconomic circumstances—has the means and the opportunity to live the healthiest lives possible.

This fall, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and RAND Corporation will release an Action Framework that identifies critical areas to focus on in driving improved health outcomes. The Action Framework calls for individuals, organizations, and communities to consider common health goals and priorities as we work together to measure what matters in improving health outcomes. More importantly, the Framework is meant to chart and drive change within and across sectors in pursuit of a Culture of Health across the nation, complementing the measurement efforts pursued by other organizations and realized by the collective action happening at the community level.

Please join us on November 6, from 12:15– 1 p.m. ET for a First Friday Google+ Hangout to discuss “Measuring What Matters to Build a Culture of Health.”


Panelists For THIS EVENT

Susan Dentzer (moderator), senior policy adviser to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (@susandentzer)

Alonzo Plough, vice president of Research, Evaluation and Learning, and chief science officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (@alonzoplough)

Georges Benjamin, executive director, American Public Health Association (@publichealth)

Renée Buyck Romberger, vice president, community health policy and strategy, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (@SptbgRegional)